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Hide it, Shove it Down

Exhibition by Alicia Serling

Opening Reception: 
April 11, 2020

Coming off the heels of her successful show, "Abecedaria" at TCA, Alicia has continued to explore symbolism in abstraction as a form of communication through known and unknown language. The abstract and neo-abstract movements in art lend themselves to this symbolism and desire to communicate. Product is a series that attempts to communicate what the artist is going through in the moment it is being painted through its composition, color storytelling, gestural mark making and symbolic nature. 

Working with a knowledge of abstract expressionism and neo-abstract expressionism the artist has developed her own method of creating a piece. Each of the works range in terms of of the medium the contain depending on the product of experience the artist needs to express. Working with Gesso, Sumi-ink, Krink K-60, Enamel Paint, Gel Medium, Gloss Medium, Flow Medium, Charcoal, Graphite, Acrylic, Modeling Paste, Markers, and more. Being able to draw from a rich bank of medium without restriction allows for depth that each piece would not be able to have otherwise. Making each its own unique product of that place and time.  

IG: @alicia_s_art

Rites of Chill

Exhibition by Reggie Kramer

Opening Reception: 
August 8, 2020

"Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice.”  This illusive first line of A Hundred years of Solitude provoked Reggie's initial brainstorm for an interactive, experiential art installation. There is something so evocative in the mere mention of ice, the ephemeral capsulation of cold, especially in the dog days of summer when one dreams of swooshing down a ski slope in South America.  But this summer Reggie will be here, in Sonora uncrating her gelid winter stores for Rites of Chill.

The exhibition focuses on the esthetic value of things that are lost to us as the planet warms.  For example, only 25 glaciers bigger than 25 acres are now found in Montana's Glacier National Park where about 150 glaciers were once found.  We are loosing enough sea ice to equal 1.5 million icebergs the size of the Titanic every year.  Climate change also effects billions of beautiful living creatures. Half of the Great Barrier Reef is dead and all of the coral reefs are severely threatened along with the sea life that depends on them.  One-third of the world’s birds and butterflies have been lost in the past 50 years.  Out of 604 species of birds in North America about 387 are at risk of extinction from climate change alone.  Butterfly populations continue to decline at a rate of 2% per year.  While the debate rages regarding the harm or lack thereof that CO2 emissions will wreak upon the human race the destiny of these gorgeous, innocent  creatures, the creatures that I love most to celebrate in my art, is being largely ignored.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of these fragile things while experiencing rituals both ancient and contemporary including a no-sweat in a lodge constructed in the style of prehistoric Irish sweat houses.  Chill, both literally and and figuratively, with art, music and frozen libations.  

(Note: chill is not to be associated with complacency; we can be chill and change the world.)  

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