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Cabinet of Curiosities

Exhibition by Ahna Eliza

This exhibition is a peek into the window of a surreal world reminiscent of our own.

After spending over a decade focusing primarily on photography and pen and ink drawings, this was Ahna Eliza's yearlong foray into both 3D and mixed media art.

As a chronic perfectionist, once she overcame the challenge of allowing things to just be as they are and using imperfect materials, the process of creating for the exhibit became liberating. Ahna seamlessly blends the natural and artificial into pieces that evoke a dreamlike and vaguely macabre atmosphere.

IG: @ahnaeliza

Life Cycles

Exhibition by Sarah Graham

A life cycle usually refers to an animal, plant or human's developmental changes that eventually result in the return to its original origin. A life cycle breaks down the birth, life, death and rebirth of something into segmented stages. This concept applies to many fields of study; including humanity and the products we consume.

My paintings combine a product (i.e. trash) with a specific insect or animal to show the relationships their life cycles have to one another and subsequently with humans. Whether we choose to believe it or not, we are the stewards of the natural world, and are part of a larger web of life than what is immediately in front of us. Our comforts and consumption come with a responsibly – do our convenient choices outweigh the value of an entire species survival?

This series focuses on depicting specific objects commonly used for consumption that are known to have the greatest negative impact on endangered species and their habitats, highlighting their relationship and the detrimental role they play in an animal’s life cycles. In my mixed media piece, I used pharmaceutical pills to illustrate the destructive impact their chemicals have on the environment, including our water and soil systems. I also inserted straws and cigarettes directly into the painting to illustrate how this trash is intertwined within everyday natural scenes through pollution and overproduction of single use plastic.

We have become accustomed to a “disposable” culture. Not just in how we consume but also in how we think of others. It is another symptom of a larger systematic issue in how we view our relationships to all living (and non-living) things on our planet. As we enter into a 6th mass extinction globally, it is more important than ever that we do not turn our back on Mother Nature and think critically about how large of an impact our small daily choices have on ourselves, other species, and our world as a whole.


Graphic Works by Teddy Montori

Opening Reception:
Sept 14, 2019

On View:
Sept 1 - Sept 30

In this graphic narrative by Teddy Montori,  minimalist illustrations and diluted color play embody the mind of a calm and withdrawn anti-hero. An apathetic femme fatale who bathes in melancholy and revels in independence. In her visual diary shrouded under the stars: small poetic moments between bathtub and bedroom, terry cloth robes and glass windows, sex and solitude, solitude and self care.


Exhibition by Kina & Grant Halley 

Opening Reception:
Aug 10, 2019

On View:
Aug 10 - Sept 7

Simple pleasures can easily get overlooked during our overloaded schedules, busy and distracted lives draw us away from expressing little bits of joy throughout our day. As a way to spread good cheer, Kina and Grant hope to put a smile on every person’s face that walks through the gallery door, with the gift of a fun-loving noodle horse.  Other artwork on display includes, inventive ceramic masks, small figurines, and planters that are sure to make you feel like giggling. 

We hope that you take your noodle horse and smile onto Washington Street so the fun can be shared with all passerby's that are out enjoying a beautiful evening in Sonora, Ca.


Exhibition by Karley Rojas

Opening Reception:
July 13, 2019

On View:
July 1 - July 30

Chlorophyll embraces and challenges the interpretation of nature through aesthetic and feeling. These pieces explore color and texture in ways that are both hyper-vibrant and multidimensional, built to mirror the more fundamental and raw truths contained in the natural world. 

This is a multimedia exhibition, created using acrylic and embroidery on canvas, with selective graphite and ink drawings, as well as oil paintings. There are also experimental pieces involving wood, clay, and textiles.  All revolving around nature translated through the lens of heightened sensory, as though walking through a dream to a higher consciousness of understanding.

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