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Caroline Augusta

Owner / Artist

I enjoy dreaming and creating more than any other activity on Earth. Every choice I make is to ensure I’m able to do so as much as possible every single day…forever. Most inspiration for my artwork comes from observing the human condition, a sensation of peace I find through solitude, or personal experiences of loss and happiness. 

Growing up in Long Barn, CA I spent a lot of time alone in nature imagining things up…alternate realities, possible future adventures, dreams, spirit friends surrounding me - all of which became the way I expressed my creativity throughout childhood.

After a major life happening at 19, I began to make those imaginings into physical form with whatever medium I could. I first started using art as an altar of love to the past guides I’ve had, a way of showing appreciation for helping me through the darkest times of my life. Over time, making art has become many things to me and will always be a way to process emotions, but at the very least I hope what I create brings some form of service to the people it touches.


Ahna Eliza


Ahna Eliza was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Tuolumne County as a young adult, seeking a slower paced lifestyle surrounded by more nature and fresher air. Finding an active and welcoming arts community through Caroline and House O' Beauty has been the cherry on top of the beautiful new life she has created here.

Art was always a pastime that was heavily nurtured and encouraged during Ahna’s childhood, especially by her mother. She fell in love with photography while in elementary school and has been drawing consistently since she can remember. Throughout the years, she has dabbled in a variety of other mediums including acrylic and oil painting, needle-felting, and 3D collaging, though all of her comforts lie within the scope of the visual arts discipline. She is a self proclaimed “jack of all trades, master of none”.

She is fascinated with both macabre and cute motifs, and is happiest when she can blend the two into cohesive pieces. Ahna’s favorite artists include Mark Ryden, Wayne Thiebaud, Wang Guxiang, Claude Monet, and MC Escher.


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